Birth Injury Lawsuits

2 Things to Remember When Filing for Birth Injury Claims

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Birth Injury ClaimsBirths should be a time of celebration for the family as it’s a time to welcome a new member into the home. However, not all births go smoothly, which brings to light the incidences of birth injuries.

Surprisingly, birth injuries are common all over the world. In fact, in the United States alone, every 1,000 babies born will have a ratio of six babies who have incurred birth injury trauma.

When lawsuits may be filed

When looking for an Atlanta birth injury attorney, it’s best to remember the cases and periods during the birth process wherein they can be called to act in. Any birth-related injuries obtained during the pregnancy or labor or after birth can be considered for lawsuits. Additionally, these injuries can be for either the mother or the baby.

For instance, some injuries that may be obtained during the pregnancy include pre-eclampsia and uterine rupture. During labor, some of the known birth injuries are cerebral palsy, forceps delivery or episiotomy.

Know what to say and who to look for

When you or your baby sustains an injury related to the birthing process, you have to remember that there are ways to be compensated for it. This could help in ensuring that you have a way to deal with the injury to improve your or your child’s condition.

After identifying an incident as a birth injury, Tyrone Law Firm says it’s best to get an Atlanta birth injury attorney as fast as possible. This way, you are informed of what can and should be said in the presence of a hospital or insurance representative.

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This is important since the other party when seen or claimed as guilty of birth injury, will want to avoid taking the incident into legal waters. Other times, and in cases of insurance reps, some may instead try to give you the compensation that appears to be a good settlement. But in reality, is only a small sum that will not be enough for future care for your child in relation to the birth injury.

The best thing to do during this situation would be to contact a birth injury lawyer at the earliest possible moment. That way, you and your family will be guided on what to do to get the best arrangement for your family.