The Tasteless Arrogance Of James O’Keefe

James O'Keefe

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Boy that James O’Keefe sure is something isn’t he?  He’s become the poster child for the angry, privileged white conservative.  After his tasteless victory against ACORN– mocking and framing a thirty year organization committed to helping the poor– O’Keefe’s wet beak searched and plotted frantically for his next big take down.  With the aid of his financial and political Svengali Andrew Breitbart, O’Keefe and his Project Veritas organization trained their sights on Senator Mary Landrieu, secretly trying to bug the senator’s office.

I find the title of O’Keefe’s organization quite apt, because  in reality there is nothing “truthful” about what this hack does.  I don’t know what is more galling:  his lack of intellectual honesty, or his overall lack of ethics, morals, and shame.

I suppose trying to scam Abbie Boudreau seemed ethically cleansing to him–as if he were righting some perceived malevolence perpetrated by the liberal media elite.  Unfortunately his methods–disgustingly juvenile and bordering on illegal–never seem to cause him any consequence.

It was not enough to disgrace an organization that was more relevant, productive and necessary than he could ever hope to be, nestled in his bigoted cocoon of privilege.  What O’Keefe has now perpetrated is morally and ethically repugnant, leaving no doubt to his worth as a human being.

Today I’m fueled by disgust.  James O’Keefe tried to commit a crime.  He attempted to commit a felonious act, solely for the purpose of “exposing hypocrisy.”   Since when has it ever been justifiable–legally, ethically or morally–to premeditate a felonious act to prove some asinine political theory?

How was O’Keefe not arrested for this outrage?  Was this not a case of premeditated  kidnapping and assault?  I’m sure Ms. Boudreau would not consent to being trapped on a boat with a lecherous young deviant such as O’Keefe.  And this is the problem:  The trappings of arrogant privilege leak profusely from O’Keefe’s water-logged head.  He never, ever thought twice about the legal ramifications of such a stunt if it worked to the desired affect. He tried to make a point about respectable journalism– by being a rapacious half-wit.  He ended up making a bigger point about irresponsible hack reporting.  Kudos to him.

I’m tired of the false, self-righteous indignation these lunatic conservatives engage in.  I’m sick of the whiny, incoherent, patriotic drivel spewing from losers, who’ve become disillusioned with the process because they don’t get what they want.

James O’Keefe is exactly what is wrong with illiterate dissent.  He’s a craven coward, who’s become a prop for the conservative white male elitist power structure–and who’s just dumb enough to manipulate– and provide fodder for conservative sycophants, who have not an ounce of common sense.  The blind leading the even more blind right to the precipice of a phony revolution.  His fifteen minutes ended fifteen minutes ago.

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Embracing The Lie


I don’t know what occurred between Bishop Eddie Long, Jamal Parris, and Long’s three other accusers.  I don’t care to know.  The sexual proclivities of adults is none of my concern.  But the stench of hypocrisy is much too much to ignore.  It won’t waft away through the reverberations of the church organ.  Eddie Long, and other men of faith, have shown their profound disgust and disdain for homosexuality–both in and out of the church.  In doing so, they’ve targeted their own failings in dealing with their sexual identity.

To vehemently denounce and crucify homosexuals, is hiding the true nature of your own sexual attractions.  In these denials, you give yourself some measure of cover to deny your own desires.  But what is the cost?

When a Saxby Chambliss staffer writes “all faggots must die,” is he attempting to assuage his own raging passion toward those of the same sex because he cannot reconcile his own feelings?

What is the solution?  Is it to continue to deny and vilify the existence of gay men and women, in order to sate your supposed fealty to God, and suppress your true nature?  Why are these men of faith pushing an agenda of hate against themselves?  How many lives must be ruined in these attempts to promulgate the lie?

It matters.  It matters to those men who’ve been, and continue to be the victims of psycho-sexual coercion.  When does it stop?

How does Jamal Parris get his his life back?

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The Perils Of Being A Smart Country

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Listen folks… I get we’re currently battling a pretty brutal economy, and there isn’t much faith or trust in our elected officials right now.  I understand voter angst and apathy–especially in the face of the politics as usual culture emanating from Washington right now.  This is part and parcel to the establishment of an entirely new movement in activist politics–even though you can debate whether it’s just another strain of an existing political party.

What I cannot fathom, is the sheer ignorance and complete confusion some Americans are experiencing.  Take a look at these quite confusing polls via Greg Sargent:

Whose economic policies are more likely to improve economic conditions — the Democrats in Congress or the Republicans in Congress?

Democrats in Congress 41%

Republicans in Congress 47%

While I don’t find myself agreeing with this result, I can understand how some would come to this conclusion.   But then there’s this:

Who do you think is more responsible for the country’s current economic problems — the Democrats in Congress or the Republicans in Congress?

Democrats in Congress 35%

Republicans in Congress 41%

I’m totally confused here:  So Americans believe the GOP will handle the economy more responsibly, yet they believe the GOP is responsible for the economic mess we’re in.  Really?

Frankly, I’m stumped.  For all we know come November, the American people won’t vote for either party.  They’ll put a flock of seagulls in office.  Not the synth 80′s rock group either.

H/T: Bob Cesca

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Rush Limbaugh: ‘Either You’re With Obama, Or You’re With America’

Because of course, President Obama is not American. And Democrats are slimy, slithering subversive Marxists. So stop being with Obama and Democrats you Commie bastards.

It’s nice to know the conservative message gets more nuanced and clearer everyday.  I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t rally behind that.  It’s so intellectually quick.  I’m so glad they have a plan.

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The War For Humanity’s Soul In A Mortar Shell

Whats left of a Qassam Rocket

War is the inevitable course of a hollow peace

The pernicious creep of Muslims as less than human, barbaric sadists– has permanently hijacked debate– and now taints every reasonable discussion of the difference between tolerance and intolerance.  How this mindset affects muddled American thinking regarding Islam, and the Middle East peace process is clear:

“My biggest struggle is to rehumanize the Palestinians. There’s a whole machinery of brainwashing in Israel which really accompanies each of us from early childhood, and I’m a product of this machinery as much as anyone else. [We are taught] a few narratives that it’s very hard to break. That we Israelis are the ultimate and only victims. That the Palestinians are born to kill, and their hatred is irrational. That the Palestinians are not human beings like us? So you get a society without any moral doubts, without any questions marks, with hardly public debate. To raise your voice against all this is very hard …

I am amazed again and again at how little Israelis know of what’s going on fifteen minutes away from their homes. The brainwashing machinery is so efficient that trying [to undo it is] almost like trying to turn an omelette back to an egg. It makes people so full of ignorance and cruelty. [During Operation Cast Lead] a dog – an Israeli dog – was killed by a Qassam rocket and it was on the front page of the most popular newspaper in Israel. On the very same day, there were tens of Palestinians killed, they were on page 16, in two lines.”

Gideon Levy gets it right.   Levy’s suggestion leads to the question:  How can peace exist between those who refuse to acknowledge even the most simple concepts of the war and its causes dividing them?  When you cannot describe what is going on in front of your own eyes–or you simply refuse to–what is it you wish to accomplish?

Ideas and actions are broken without the humanity–the courage is reinforce them.  I don’t see any of that in this process.  I only see conflicted souls, who see one another as inhuman shells.

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Ezra Klein’s Take On The GOP’s ‘Pledge’ To Cut The Deficit

Via Cesca:

Take the deficit. Perhaps the two most consequential policies in the proposal are the full extension of the Bush tax cuts and the full repeal of the health-care law. The first would increase the deficit by more than $4 trillion over the next 10 years, and many trillions of dollars more after that. The second would increase the deficit by more than $100 billion over the next 10 years, and many trillions of dollars more after that. Nothing in the document comes close to paying for these two proposals, and the authors know it: The document never says that the policy proposals it offers will ultimately reduce the deficit.

Republicans aren’t re-inventing the wheel here.  In fact, they’re using one of those bent wheels from that 1950′s jalopy.  You know, the one you keep driving in hopes it improves its performance.  Wake me when one of them has the stones to come up with something new.

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Who Will Control The Narrative?

As midterm elections draw near, what will be the prevailing thought and strategy of democrats?  Clearly they’ve put themselves behind the eight ball, but there is a silver lining here:  it has nothing to do with what their republican counterparts have done.  In fact it is precisely because of the GOP’s bungling, and incoherent scatter shot plans moving forward, that gives democrats an opening to control the narrative of this political season.

So what will they push?  How about pushing the fact that republicans have hunkered down and completely blocked any and all attempts at moving government forward–insisting on engaging in 1800′s style pugilistic tactics to stymie progress.  I think this is a winning play, and judging by the new GOP Pledge to America–which is basically a tired retread of basic GOP talking points–it will be effective.

Give the people a choice.  Whether they accept it or not– the fact of GOP obstruction cannot be debated– and they should be exploited.  Control the narrative and you command the debate.

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