5 Cs of a Good Litigator

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LitigationEvery year, there are 15 million civil cases filed in the US. These numbers clearly say how much a litigator is necessary in the lives of Americans.

Litigators represent plaintiffs and defendants in hearings, mediations and arbitrations. They are the legal practitioners who specialize in taking legal action against organizations and individuals.

More often than not, the victory of cases lies in their skills. This is why, choosing a litigator is important for anyone who aims to win their cases. Here are some traits you should look for in a litigator:


They say the foundation of trust is credibility. A good track record helps in deciding whether one can really defend you in court. This is where opinions and referrals come in handy.


Civility goes a long way in the court. All matters pertaining to the case at hand should be handled with discretion, personal attention and professionalism as Houston-based criminal defense lawyer DN Trial Law says. An effective litigator understands that persuasion is an art that should not be controlled by emotions. A good litigator handles himself emotionally and handles witnesses and clients with grace and respect.


An insatiable curiosity maybe a cliché but it is important where law is concerned. Legal practitioners dwell in the highly specialized world. It is not hard to develop narrow views, but a good litigator would always want to know more about a case, will find more evidence and not just delve into what is already there.


An effective litigator knows how to radiate confidence with the way they walk, speak, and think. Confidence is contagious. It affects and inspires clients. It is not measurable, but it is easy to spot litigators who believe in their skills, predict the outcome of a case and perform their tasks with assurance.

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A good litigator is always thirsty for a win and looking for solutions in all the possible obstacles. They think of limitations as challenges and are always looking for ways to turn the tides in their client’s favor.

Many factors count in choosing the right lawyer. Sometimes, budget limits you and you end up choosing someone who gives you a competitive price. But if you consider these traits – credibility, civility, curiosity, confidence and competitive spirit – you will find just how priceless a good litigator is.