A Happily Ever After with the Ex: Is It Even Possible?

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Man and woman arguingDivorce is the supposed bad ending for a supposed “happily ever after.”

When you said your wedding vows years ago, this wasn’t the picture of the future. In your head, it would be just you, the spouse, and a bunch of kids under one roof. Everyone would be happy, especially you and the love of your life.

But when reality kicks in, you realize that not all marriages have a happily ever after.

After countless legal advice concerning divorce, discussions with the family, and soul searching, it’s clear that parting ways make sense. The image of a happy ending just burst and you can’t help but blame the ex for it all.

But that shouldn’t be the case.

Accept that the End Was for the Best

It’s hard to accept the reality of the separation; sometimes, you wish you both tried to work it out.

Think of it this way: had you stayed, would you be happier? Would you feel freer or trapped in an unhappy marriage? The relationship no longer worked; both of you struggled with each other’s demands but could no longer keep up.

Leaving the “unhappy” for the “happy” is always the best. This does not automatically mean life will be easier, but you will breathe easier.

End the Name Calling

Naturally, bitter feelings will come every now and then. The ex hurt you, which is why the temptation to call them names or to lash out at them is strong.

The name might be too catchy or suit them perfectly well, but whatever you do, restrain yourself.

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Apart from it being a childish response, loaded words will only trigger your anger and stress. Words will always have personal stories to tell. Do you really want to be that person forever consumed by anger and sadness?

Focus on the Lessons Learned

Despite the end, you still had learning milestones during your relationship. Instead of focusing on why it ended, treasure the life lessons, which will help you live a better life. Learn from your mistakes.

A happily ever after with the ex is possible. It’s not romantic and it also takes time; in the end, it may result in forgiveness and peace of mind.