A Primer on Civil Litigation and Common Types of Civil Cases

The Vision

Lawyers talking to a manA trial lawyer or litigator is the person you need to help you with civil litigation cases in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC). A lawyer specializing in this branch of the law provides much-needed support in depositions, mediations, and court hearings. A legal suit becomes necessary when the parties involved cannot reach a common agreement.

Civil versus criminal legal disputes

When the parties involved seek either a specific outcome or financial settlement, the legal dispute is considered civil. In this type of legal dispute, a person or business claims that another person or business has done harm.

The case starts with filing a complaint by the plaintiff against the defendant. When the case involves enforcing public codes of behavior due to a violation of laws of the state or the federal government, then it is a criminal case. In this type of cases, the punishment may involve fines and prison time.

In resolving both civil and criminal cases, the court determines the facts and applies the law to the facts. The court will determine the legal consequences of the actions performed by the persons or entities involved in the case.

Different types of civil cases

There are five categories of civil cases.

• In personal injury litigation, a person can seek compensation for negligence by another party.

• In family law cases, the parties involved go to court to resolve questions arising from separation, divorce, and domestic violence, among others.

• The third type of litigation arises from the failure to perform obligations stated in a contract.

• The fourth type of dispute involves property owners and tenants, which might involve eviction from a property or disputes relating to poor compliance with terms of a lease.

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• Lastly, the fifth type of civil case involves disputes over properly lines, title claims, and property ownership rights.

Speaking to an attorney specializing in civil cases should be the first step you take if you are considering filing a complaint in a court of law.