Adopt a Child the Proper and Legal Way with the Help of a Reputable Adoption Attorney

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Adoption Lawyer in Colorado SpringsFor many couples who want to start a family but are unable to do so either because of necessity or by choice, adoption is the best option. However, adoption can often be a long and tedious process because of the complex legalities involved. In a way, this is good since agencies are able to eliminate prospective parents who may not be dedicated enough to be foster parents.

To facilitate the adoption process, getting the services of an adoption attorney in Colorado Springs such as the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne is highly recommended. Following are some tips on finding the right lawyer to work with:

State Laws

Check the adoption laws in your state to make sure that it is legal to adopt through a lawyer, instead of an agency. Laws likewise vary from one state to another, so you have to make sure that your lawyer is licensed to practice in your state, and in case the mother of the child resides in another state, your lawyer can consult with a licensed adoption lawyer in that state.

Adoption Specialist

Choose a lawyer who specializes in adoption cases. This is not the same as family law. You can check with the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (or AAAA), the Adoption Committee of the American Bar Assoc. Section on Family Law, and the American Coll. of Assisted Reproduction & Adoption Lawyers (or ACARAL) for prospective lawyers.

Lawyer’s Rates

Determine the hourly rate that the attorney charges, including his paralegal. Inquire about the average total cost of the adoption cases they have previously handled.

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Important Information to Disclose

Discuss anything in your background that may adversely affect the adoption process such as the number of divorces you’ve had, health issues, and past DWI/DUI cases.

Open Adoption

If you prefer an open adoption, discuss this with your lawyer and find out what he thinks about openness, as well as how he handles the process for such cases.

By following these tips, your chances for a successful adoption will improve with the help of your adoption attorney in Colorado Springs.