Domestic Violence: Facts, Figures, and Your Means of Taking Action

According to the American Psychological Association, every year 4,774,000 women experience physical violence every year from their partner. In America, 20 people suffer abuse from their intimate partner every minute. In any 24-hour span, more than 20,000 calls in hotlines associated with physical violence. Among victims of domestic abuse, about 85 percent are women. Abuse […]

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Line of houses in a neighbourhood

NZ Housing Market Fails to Sell Even Just One Home in August

Not a single home changed possession in New Zealand in August with 47 fewer properties sold in each day, although prices recorded an increase, according to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). The trend has only occurred thrice in the last seven years, as sales nationwide dropped by 20 percent or 1,472 fewer properties for the month compared […]

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