Couple having a meeting with a lawyer

Child Support in Washington: What Every Parent Should Know

Talking Points

Couple having a meeting with a lawyerChild support is never an easy subject to talk about. This is especially true for parents who just dealt with a messy divorce. The thing is, you want only the best for your children, and you cannot let your emotions get the better of your looking after them.

Knowing more about child support in Washington can help you take the necessary action to obtaining financial assistance from your former spouse to raise your children the best way possible.

How does the State of Washington define ‘child support’?

In the State of Washington, the courts define child support as the money ordered from absent parents, which they need to pay regularly as a means to help pay for the costs associated with raising their children.

In an ideal world, loving and caring parents wouldn’t need an order to help pay for the raising of their kids. However, this doesn’t always happen, and it’s possible that your former spouse isn’t contributing to the welfare of your children.

What options do you have?

There are some ways for parents in Washington State to obtain child support. First is to file an administrative order with The Division of Child Support (DCS). Keep in mind though, that before the DCS can issue an administrative order, a formal paternal acknowledgement is first in order.

If you are having difficulties reaching your former husband, it’s best that you seek legal aid. In Kent, you will find child support lawyers specializing in assisting parents facing such situations. These legal professionals can guide you not just through the process of establishing paternity, but also filing for the administrative or court order too.

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Getting the financial help, you need

As much as you would want to raise your kids on your own, perhaps due to a messy divorce, you can’t let your pride take over. After all, you are not the only parent, and it’s the legal responsibility of your former spouse to contribute to the raising of your kids. So as early as you can, find yourself a good lawyer specializing in family law, so that you can have that child support order filed right away.