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Colorado Drivers Rank among the Worst in the US for 2017

Current Issues

Hands on steering wheelCarInsuranceComparison.com ranked Colorado among the top 20 states with the worst drivers for 2017, as road fatalities in the Centennial State rose in the same year.

Colorado drivers landed on the 15th spot on the analysis, which used data from the Department of Transportation’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It ranked 50 states and the District of Columbia based on fatality rate, failure to follow traffic rules, drunk driving, speeding and careless driving.

Colorado Statistics

Road-related deaths in Colorado reached 615 cases in 2017 from 608 in the previous year, according to the state department of transportation. Some road incidents lead to legal complaints, so you should consider consulting an auto accident and injury lawyer like halepaskalaw.com. In Denver and other cities, most accidents happen partly due to drivers not wearing seatbelts, said Sam Cole, the state’s traffic-safety program spokesperson.

For this reason, Colorado ranked fifth in terms of failing to use safety restraints when on the road, according to Car Insurance Comparison. The state’s also ranked as the eight worst based on speeding violations that caused road fatalities.

State Rankings

Montana’s drivers ranked as the worst in the country, as the state scored low on four out of five categories. It tallied the second highest number of fatalities per 100 million vehicles traveled. Delaware had the most disobedient drivers, while those in New Hampshire tallied the highest number of fatalities due to speeding violations.

On the other hand, Iowa ranked as the state with the best drivers after scoring high in all categories. Utah had the fewest drunk drivers, followed by Kansas. Drivers in Idaho were the most careful due to the low number of deaths involving pedestrians and pedal cyclists.

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While other states fared worse than Colorado on driver rankings, the latter should still aim to improve road safety and awareness of best practices. How do you stay safe while on the road?