Compelling Reasons to Have a Social Security Disability Attorney by Your Side

The Vision

Disability Lawyer in ArkansasUpon learning the possibility of not being able to work for some time, you need to think of consulting with a disability attorney. Let this article enlighten you.

Considering the Cost and the Benefits

When talking to a lawyer knowledgeable in social security disability cases in Arkansas, The Baim Law Firm note that you have to weigh the benefits against the cost of hiring a lawyer. You don’t have to put up money upfront as you will often be billed only when you win the case. Likewise, fees are covered by the federal law, which is typically $6,000 or 25% of your estimated disability backpay, whichever is lesser. In many cases, the cost will be less than $6000, unless the case goes to the federal court or the Appeals Council.

There are many benefits that come with hiring a disability attorney, and some of them will be covered in the next section. Likewise, it is also crucial to determine the particular stage of the case when the lawyer will get involved.

Knowing the Role of a Disability Lawyer

Perhaps the most compelling reason to hire a lawyer for your disability case is to help improve your chances of getting approval. Although you can successfully gain the benefits by applying on your own, records show that with all else being equal, an applicant with legal representation is more likely to gain the nod of Social Security than one who isn’t represented.

Likewise, disability lawyers are well-versed on the ins and outs of the entire process – starting with filing the application to beyond the hearings. They will present the case in a manner that will be most beneficial to their clients, and they will stay with you in every step of the way – even during the reconsideration (first level of appeal) and hearing (second level of appeal) levels.

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While you can successfully go through the process of a disability claim case on your own, and save you some money in the process, it is not advisable. The benefits you stand to enjoy by having an experienced lawyer by your side far outweighs the cost.