Couples’ Guide to Hiring a Family Lawyer

Talking Points

A couple going through a divorceGoing through a divorce is difficult and stressful, but with the right help and information, you can make the process easier for everyone involved, including your children.

Whether you need a prenuptial agreement or planning to file for divorce in Townsville, it is best to learn about family law and hire an experienced attorney.

Do Your Research

Doing simple research can be an effective tool in background checking your prospect lawyers or law firms. It allows you to access their basic information and other details. Some names may be hard to locate online. You can try looking for their websites. Most lawyers have basic websites that list their practice areas and contact information.

You can also look for them on social media. Have a quick search on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. for each of the lawyers on your list. Social media profiles can help you gather important information about a prospective lawyer.

Fee Arrangement

The type of fee arrangement you agreed with your attorney is important and can even affect the way the lawyer will manage your case. Be sure to discuss this with your prospective lawyers upon meeting them. It is your right to suggest different fee arrangements that you want to consider before hiring an attorney.

Narrow Down Your Options

Once you gather the information you need, it is time to narrow down your choices to the top two or three names. The influences that will help you narrow your options will greatly depend on your current situation, as well as your gut feeling upon meeting an attorney.

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It is a must to arrange a meeting with at least three lawyers before deciding which one to hire. It is also important to test your own personal interaction with a lawyer before you choose him or her.