The Dream In A Holding Pattern…


American schools are more segregated by race and class today than they were on the day Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed, 43 years ago. The average white child in America attends a school that is 77 percent white, and where just 32 percent of the student body lives in poverty. The average black child attends a school that is 59 percent poor but only 29 percent white. The typical Latino kid is similarly segregated; his school is 57 percent poor and 27 percent white.

Overall, a third of all black and Latino children sit every day in classrooms that are 90 to 100 percent black and Latino.

I’ll have more on this dynamic tomorrow.  For now, I’ll reserve comment.  The floor is yours.

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2 thoughts on “The Dream In A Holding Pattern…”

  1. Wow! What a set of statistics! They don’t surprise me but they do put numbers to what I’d imagined. In the article you referenced by Ezra Klein from The Washington Post, there was a link to another blogger’s post ( She mentioned two reasons that: “This is a sad state of affairs in a pluralistic society, and it is borne of two factors: 1) residential segregation and 2) purposeful drawing of school district boundaries to isolate middle class and white families from poor families of color.” WWWHHHAAATTT!?!?!?!? Okay, number one seems to take place naturally in some cases, but number TWO!! I’m thoroughly disgusted!!! THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED!!! I can’t wait to see part 2 of your story tomorrow!!

  2. Great comment Lisa, and thank you for the link. We’ve been slowly drifting toward segregation in many ways. It almost feels like a natural drift. That is disturbing.

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