The Obama Doctrine And The American Way

America delivers retribution at the tip of a spear, or more specifically, a Navy Seal’s bullet.  Turns out this was a bit of foreshadowing by the president:

Sullivan adds this:

The more I hear the more Obama seems very close to this over the last few months: in weekly meetings, deeply involved in five national security meetings recently. This was not a lucky break. This was the end-point of several weeks of coordination. And Obama’s cool throughout. As Donald Trump was birthering out, Obama was aiming right at this country’s deadliest enemy.

How impossibly cool is this guy?  As this fucking circus about birth certificates swirled about, all he continued to do was conduct a highly covert operation under the cover of darkness–away from the muck and the mire– while his name, the office of the presidency, and his American authenticity continued to be sullied.

Let us not kid ourselves.  This invariably will be made a politically partisan issue.  So let’s be clear:  The most noted piece of President Obama’s  foreign policy platform during the 2008 campaign was to expand the war in Afghanistan– and to kill Osama Bin Laden.  This expansion also included perhaps the most controversial and dangerous tenet –taking the war into Pakistan if necessary to make the kill.  Not one political leader had the guts to advocate such a maneuver.  Not John McCain.  Not Sarah Palin.  Not George W. Bush– who not only shrunk from truly pursuing Bin Laden and attempted to downplay his actual existence–he did not pursue the course as stringently as he should have in Afghanistan.  Instead, he diverted resources for a war in Iraq.  Barack Obama knew Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan, and was not afraid to tread where others feared in order to exact retribution for America.  Barack Obama not only led this charge while others were too weak-willed to do so, he told us all he would to so:

If the purpose of this war was to capture and/or kill Bin Laden, President Bush failed.  I don’t doubt President Bush’s resolve to the cause.  I’m just stating an irrefutable fact.  President Obama did not fail.  He led boldly, unabashedly, and with strength and courage.

Those questioning the methodology of the Obama Doctrine, have now received a true taste of what real American leadership looks like.  In one of the most important moments in American history, President Obama’s cool  authoritative countenance helped him execute this mission. Character and commitment are markers of American determination, and clearly they could not have been exhibited better.  Thank you Mr. President, and  thank you to the greatest military force and intelligence community the world has ever know.

It was a necessity we kill this man.  A man responsible for plunging our nation into a chaos we’ve never seen.  It was a necessity for the victims and their families, and it was necessity for America–not to celebrate not death– but glorify justice. I am a proud believer in the Obama Doctrine and the American military.



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3 thoughts on “The Obama Doctrine And The American Way”

  1. Sorry, have to disagree wholeheartedly with you! Bush started us on this path – without him, Obama would be nowhere near finding this guy! I am a whole-hearted supporter of the American military, and NOT of Obama! He may have assisted somehow (not exactly sure how – most of the kudos go to the military) in this situation, but in all others, he is the worst President our nation has ever seen.

  2. I don’t mean to be flippant Ted, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t give President Obama credit if you watched him rescue your family from a burning building. You don’t like him, and you can’t fix your mouth to give him the slightest bit of credit for anything. I wasn’t a Bush fan, but I recognized how great he was leading us right after 9-11. Frankly, it’s pointless trying to have a discussion with you if you can’t see that.

    And for the record, the Bush administration abandoned Afghanistan. They reduced our role there so they could focus on Iraq. Last time I checked, Bin Laden was in Afghanistan/Pakistan, not Iraq. It was the Obama administration that beefed up our troop levels, and flew drones into Afghanistan. And if you watched the clip of the former President, he didn’t seem to care that he didn’t catch Bin Laden. How do you respond to that good sir?

  3. FTR – I didn’t vote for the guy, had reasons I felt should have been given more consideration than they got in the circus that was election 2008… but he won the election. That makes him my President, and you salute the rank, not the individual.

    Whether the intel trail that led to a mansion in an allied country instead of a remote cave started before or after the Obama administration, the call was made by President Obama.

    Needless to say he can’t be credited without crediting the men serving their flag who carried out the action… but that’s as it should be. Kudos to ALL involved in bringing an end to the hunt for the chief architect of 9/11.

    IMO, we ought to leave the left vs right thing behind occasionally and just remember that we’re all on the same side.

    Regards ~ Rob

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