Divorce Coping Mechanisms: Why Conscious Uncoupling is Necessary

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divorceIn early 2014, social media snickered collectively at Gwyneth Paltrow for labelling her divorce with Chris Martin as conscious uncoupling. This looked like celebrity elitism at its most absurd to many audiences, and it faced the ridicule it probably deserved. But, is there anything more to conscious uncoupling?

Conscious Coping

According to psychologists, terms such as conscious uncoupling are actually normal words people use to soften the blow of the process. Divorce attorneys and firms such as thehuntsmanfirm.com , know the difficulty that people go through during a separation, and have seen couples use coping methods before.

This in no way legitimizes conscious uncoupling as a coping mechanism, but it also didn’t spring from a well of elitism that most people imagined. Most people agree that couples need something to help them cope with the gravity of the process, and calling it something else to deflect from the finality of the separation is one of them.

Easy Confrontation

Divorce is a taxing experience on several fronts, but not many people have the opportunity to confront the emotional and social baggage that comes along with it until they’re facing it head-on. Legal tools such as mediation are in place to make such a confrontation easier to bear, but as not everyone wants to negotiate, they find other means.

Conscious uncoupling is actually a favorable term especially in no fault divorce situations, as it allows the couple to deflect the blame away from each other, while reasserting their wish to separate. The children are spared the trauma of watching their parents fight, and allows them to acknowledge the reality of their family’s situation.

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Necessary Terms

New terms are often necessary at least in the socio-political sense in order to allow people to use viable legal tools and live without the stigma of existing words. Words such as divorce, socialism, and pop music are all legitimate classifications within their fields, but have gotten bogged down by baggage over the years.

The need for new words is sometimes necessary to put the positive consequences of such actions into effect.