Domestic Abuse and Violence: How and Why You Need to End it

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Domestic Abuse Cases in Colorado SpringsOne of the saddest truths nowadays is that violence can happen right at your very home. Many people, especially women, become victims of domestic abuse. What’s even sadder is a lot of victims tend to keep it to themselves and suffer in silence. This is especially true when it is more of a psychological abuse than it is physical.

An abusive relationship must be put to a stop. This article shares some useful information on domestic abuse and violence to help you understand how and why you need to end it.

What is domestic abuse?

Also known as spousal abuse, domestic abuse happens when a person attempts to dominate or control his/her partner. It can occur in marriage or in any intimate relationship. Abusers often do this by using fear, shame, and guilt to keep himself in total control of the partner and the relationship.

When an abuser uses physical violence, it is considered domestic violence. The abuse can also be sexual and emotional in nature. According to family law attorneys in Colorado Springs, the abuse can be a combination of physical, sexual, and emotional abuses in some cases.

When is a relationship abusive?

There are signs that you are in an abusive relationship. One example is fear of your spouse or intimate partner. If you tend to avoid your partner or be extra careful of your words and actions so as not to anger him/her, then there’s a huge chance that what you have is an unhealthy relationship.

Victims of domestic abuse and violence tend to have lower self-worth and are prone to anxiety and depression. If you feel helpless and you’ve been trying to cover up all those bruises, then you need to realize the need to put the abuse to a stop.

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Is help available?

Yes. You can seek the help of shelters, organizations, and counselors offering services for victims of domestic abuse and violence. If you feel the need to fight for your legal rights, consult with a licensed family lawyer. They can help you get protective orders from the court or file lawsuits against your abusive partner.

Speak up, stand up, and end abuse today.