Earn a Criminal Investigation Certificate Today

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A crime scene being investigatedCrime scene investigation – a subset of criminal investigation – is a possibly difficult yet fulfilling career. If you enjoy puzzles, games of mystery, and have an eye for detail, you might have the potential to become a crime scene investigator.

Earn your certificate in criminal investigation today from institutions such as The Center For Legal Studies, with a program designed in conjunction with universities and colleges offering an intensive and practice-based online course on crime scene investigation.

The Program: A Profile for Your Future

Crime scene investigation or CSI is distinct from forensic investigation. In forensics, practitioners are required to have obtained a degree in the natural sciences such as biology or chemistry, and do laboratory-based work.

Crime scene investigators, on the other hand, visit crime scenes to do documentation, primary analysis, collection and preservation of evidence.

Often, CSIs are required to have skills in photography and reportage – skills that can also crossover to journalism and even novel writing, specifically in memoirs, creative non-fiction, or detective novels.

Begin Your Career Anywhere, at Your Own Time

Some institutions offer CSI training as an online course and comes in the form of lectures, text-based modules, instructional videos, DVDs, and interactive tests.

This is a significant stepping-stone whether you plan to become a CSI or pursue further studies as a forensic specialist or criminal justice lawyer.

Gaining this certificate will also enable you to jump-start your career anywhere, providing you with an opportunity to expand your horizons and gain a fresh start in life.

Career Fulfillment in Justice

Though it may not be the most glamorous of jobs, CSIs can potentially earn up to $100,000 if they work for the federal government, or $60,000 if they work for local government.

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A CSI’s job also ensures that no one tampers with the crime scenes and that he or she collects all relevant evidence to aid further investigation.

CSIs are at the front line in delivering justice to those who need it, and beyond the salary offered; bringing justice to fruition is a noble and purpose-giving work.