Extramarital Affairs: What You Should Do

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Extramarital AffairsIn many cases, spouses who have husbands and wives who cheat and have extramarital affairs seriously consider filing for a divorce. After all, that person promised his/her spouse to love, honor, and trust him/her till death keeps them apart.If someone married cannot keep this promise, there is no longer a reason to continue being together as husband and wife.

Sometimes, an affair can happen just once and the one who cheated can change and the one cheated on can forgive and forget. However, when your spouse continues to have extramarital affairs, it's time you consider consulting divorce attorneys in Denver, CO, as continuing to live like this can have a profound and negative effect on your life, says a lawyer from Matthewsfamilylawyers.com.

Betrayal and the flooding of emotions that follow

When you find out that your spouse has an affair, you can expect that this betrayal will open the gates of many different types of emotions so intense and powerful that, at first, you may not even believe and accept it. In many cases, those who experience this deception and humiliation fall into despair, loneliness, combined with feelings of anger, even rage.

And once the initial shock goes away, the one betrayed usually thinks of nothing else but the fact that the person who was promised to stay faithful performed sexual acts with someone else.

The psychological impact of betrayal on a person

Those betrayed in a marriage feel their spouse violated their supposedly sacred trust, bond, and commitment. This then leads to life-altering changes in the one cheated on, especially psychologically and mentally. From distress to loss of trust (in almost everyone) to depression, anyone who has undergone the pain of infidelity can change for the worse, particularly if they just continue with the marriage.

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While it is true that sometimes, married couples can still try to save their relationship even after one has had extramarital affairs, those who have to continuously cope with their spouse’s cheating should already consider divorce.