Fathers’ Rights: Is the Law Really Unfair to Man?

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Fathers' RightsThere’s almost always an unspoken truth that father’s rights in a divorce are lopsided.

But, according to a Nassau County divorce attorney from the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, there are actually a number of father’s rights in the law. The only thing that’s problematic is how few people know these exist at all.

The Right to Maintain Active Relationship

Single fathers have the natural right to spontaneously attend to the need of their children and be there. No matter the case of divorce, especially if it’s a matter of spousal conflict, a father has an equal right in terms of custody.

The Right to Claim Fatherhood

If you had a child out of marriage and your partner married somebody else soon after, it’s still possible to claim paternity. You can make this happen by talking to your state’s Office of Child Support Enforcement. They will immediately find a way for you to request visitation and the right to test and claim fatherhood.

The Right to Stop Pre-Conceived Adoption

Most people who engage in third-party adoption are unmarried couples that had a falling out. So, if you suspect that your ex is pregnant with a child you think is yours, you can prevent the third-party adoption through the state’s putative father registry. Basically, this will contend the decision of adoption by questioning the presence of your consent.

The Right to Giving Child Support

No matter the arrangement in a divorce, a father has the right to provide for his child’s financial needs. Generally, the amount of child support will be based on your state’s computation and various factors such as employment, financial history, and the number of children you support, if there are any.

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The Right to Make Joint Decisions

Fathers, who share legal custody even if the child is not living with them, have the right to partake in issues such as education, religion, and medical care.

While utterly hidden from mainstream media, father’s rights exist. These safeguard the sanctity of duties, responsibilities, and shared aspirations of a father to his child.