How to Make Worthy Investments Under the EB-5 Visa Program

The Big Picture

Coint stacked in increment concept of growing investmentThe EB-5 immigrant visa is an attractive choice for foreign investors who wish to relocate to the U.S. with their families. This program requires the investor to invest $500,000–1 million in a for-profit business in the country. This immigration process takes five years. However, you can get a conditional green card in 16–18 months if you meet all requirements with the help of an EB-5 immigration law firm. Here are some tips to ensure you succeed in your business venture.

1. Evaluate Your Business Plan.

Make sure that your business venture will create and sustain ten or more permanent jobs in the U.S. You stand to lose your green card application if you declare bankruptcy before the five-year period. Your top priority, therefore, should be to minimize the risks of your investment.

2. Understand the Terms of Your Limited Partnership Agreement.

Your investment will be a limited partnership, with the limited partnership agreement as your governing document. Ensure you understand the key person provision, treatment of the capital commitment and distribution arrangement. You should also be keen to comprehend the conflict of interest in the document.

3. Make a Wise Choice on How You Should Invest.

In direct investment, you invest directly into your own business. The direct control of your business venture appeals to most foreign investors. The main drawback of choosing direct investment is that it has additional liability and other costs. A regional center, on the other hand, brings together many investors to invest in more stable ventures. The investor does not need to manage the project, and the this solves the drawbacks of direct investment.

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Just with all investments, you need to comprehend the benefits and risks of the EB-5 visa entirely. Get a reliable law firm that you can trust to help you. You will have a long working relationship with them.