Important Facts about Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant

The Board Room

LNC standingThe health and medical sectors will always need professionals who not only have a complete understanding of the jargon but can also easily interpret it for those working on the legal side of things.

It’s primarily for this reason that the number of registered nurses interested in learning to be a certified legal nurse consultant is on the rise. As an RN interested in bumping up your career to the next level, know that this is one of your best options.


While a legal nurse consultant’s salary depends on many variables, the biggest influencer is the type of employment. Work experience, location, and caseload also determine pay. Of course, you also have to base your income on whether you work as an employee or have your very own consulting practice.

You should know though, that on average, these medical and legal professionals make $28.30 to $145.01 on an hourly basis. It means that their average yearly salary amounts to anywhere from $56,128 to $212,811, a range notably higher than what registered nurses make.

Job stability

With experts forecasting a massive growth in the healthcare field in the United States, you can expect the job outlook for legal nurse consultants to follow suit. In other words, the rise in the number of people seeking healthcare will pave the way for the increased demand for legal nurse consultants. So when it comes to job opportunities, you will have a lot.

Job satisfaction

There are only a few things that make professionals feel satisfied with what they do. Raising their skill set and knowledge is one of them. Since a legal nurse consultant is also a registered nurse, you will feel more motivated to know both fields and practice on the side of the law.

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