Paralegal Profession

In the Land of Lawyers, Paralegals Rule

The Vision

Paralegal ProfessionFor all their uncompromising support, one may seem like a sidekick Robin to a lawyer’s Batman. Yet a paralegal’s valuable work has made their talents a prized possession in a time when caseloads are on the rise nationwide. In the land where lawyers outnumber most other professions – soldiers and doctors including – being a paralegal has become truly a most in-demand job these days.

Land of the Legal Profession

In a mighty superpower nation as the U.S.A., you’d think the military would outnumber every other profession. The truth of the matter, however, reveals lawyers outnumber soldiers by almost 10 percent.

Today, there are approximately 1.2 million lawyers in America. On the other end, there are but 1.1 soldiers – Active, National Guard, Reserve and all the other U.S. Army cadet components including. Fact is, it’s not only those people who are sworn to protect the country that are outnumbered; most every other profession number far less.

America’s doctors number 945,000; its firefighters total about 800,000; and police also reach about 800,000 in total. In hindsight, America’s lawyers outnumber lawyers of other nations – even with bigger populations. Put to the mix rising federal case loads and you have a nation that is as court-centric as you can get.

Brighter Paralegal Prospects

All these factors, however, have made the paralegal profession favorable. Not only are its employment growth projected to rise to 16.7 percent from 2012 to 2022, legal assistants even eclipses the growth rate of lawyers themselves – pegged only at 10 percent.

Even better, encourages paralegal courses that are available online. This makes it even easier for you or anybody else to pursue a degree as a legal assistant.

Such courses online allows you to learn the ropes of the paralegal trade without having to drop your current work – most convenient for professionals who provide financial support for their respective families.

While it’s possible to work without being certified, formal education certainly gives you the competitive edge against less qualified candidates.In America, where lawyers are at their strongest, being a paralegal is without a doubt, spot on.