Insurance Claims: When Filing for a Claim is a Bad Idea

The Big Picture

Auto Accident Lawyers in Springfield The first instinct most people have whenever they are involved in an auto accident to contact their insurance provider immediately. After all, you’ll never know when you might need to file an insurance claim, or at least that’s what most people think.

Personal risk advisors and auto accident lawyers in Springfield, IL advise that the first thing to do right after an accident is to file a police report and then contact their insurance. They added that getting your insurance involved is “not always necessary.” It depends on the accident that occurred.

Here are the reasons you should hold filing that auto accident claim immediately after an accident:

1. There were no other cars involved, and there is no injury whatsoever.

For cases as small as this — where your car is the only vehicle present and you have suffered no injury during the accident, it is best not to get your insurance company involved. Filing a claim affects your monthly premiums and if you can afford a minor repair from your mechanic, getting your policy adjusted for a small amount is not worth it.

If you’re injured, but are able or willing to pay for your medical expenses, pay out of pocket for the same reasons as above. If your injuries are major and medical attention is necessary, that the time you must file a claim.

2. You can easily afford to pay for the damages.

If the accident causes your vehicle to require repairs and the bills amounted to a total that is close or less than your monthly deductible, don’t file a claim. The reason for this is similar to the above and has to do with how insurance companies determine your premium.

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3. There is negligible damage to you or others.

If the damages are extremely minor, and you should use your best judgment to determine this, experts agree getting your insurance involved is a bad idea.

For other accidents that do not fall under those categories, you should always file a claim. While you make an effort to stay safe when driving, accidents still happen. Always be prepared to handle such instances no matter what.