Mediation: How it Can Keep Divorce Expenses Down

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a mediator listens to the concerns of a wifeWhen it comes to settling divorce issues, most couples are worried about how it is going to cost them. This is because traditional divorce litigation has a reputation for being expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can keep the costs down by choosing mediation.

This involves hiring a third party to help you and your spouse come up with a workable settlement. Divorce mediation experts in Long Island share why this method is less expensive than divorce court:

Be in Control of the Process

Mediation allows you and your spouse to control the process. The mediator is there to guide and facilitate you in making a decision and settlement agreement. Note the role of a mediator is not directive, so it may better to have a lawyer by your side.

Encourage Parties to Collaborate

Divorce is stressful enough, and litigation can make it even more stressful and frustrating. This is because it may encourage fighting and conflict between both parties. Resolving issues through mediation, however, can help you and your spouse collaborate and compromise.

This also benefits the children by reducing emotional damage.

Skip Formal Discovery

Mediation is a casual process that lets you pursue informal discovery. This keeps the cost down as opposed to the formal process of gathering information through submitting document requests, conducting depositions, and submitting interrogatories.

This approach can also reduce billable time and effort owed.

Manage High-Conflict Cases

It is only a misconception that mediation is not suitable for high-conflict cases. This is not entirely true as good mediators can also deal such types of divorce. Hiring a mediator with experience in high-conflict divorces can make the case go smoothly without the additional cost.

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Pursuing the process traditionally is not always ideal, as courts tend to exacerbate arguments and make a high-conflict case worse.

If possible, always choose mediation. This will not just cut the costs, but also speed up the divorce process. It is a good idea to consult a lawyer to find out if divorce mediation is right for you and your spouse.