OVI in Ohio: The Different Types of OVI Charges

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Every DUI or OVI offense in Cincinnatithe state of Ohio carries different penalties because of the circumstances involved. It’s best to know what they are, so you have a better idea in case an official tries to arrest you.

DUI attorneys in Cincinnati and other legal professionals list some of the most common OVI charges found in the Ohio Revised Code:

  • First, Second, and Third OVI – The court classifies these as a misdemeanor. These happen when a defendant drives a motor vehicle while under the influence of any controlled substance, alcohol, or both and has a BAC level higher than the allowed .08% limit.
  • Felony OVI: This occurs when a defendant has three or four prior OVI convictions within a six-year period of the latest OVI offense or five OVI convictions within a 20-year period of the latest OVI offense. This is a fourth-degree felony.
  • Underage OVI: A fourth-degree misdemeanor, underage OVI involves a defendant below 21 years old who drove a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both and had a BAC level higher than the allowed .02% limit.
  • Aggravated Vehicular Assault: This involves all the elements of an OVI offense, with the added factor of causing severe bodily harm to another individual or an unborn human being. Depending on the case’s particular circumstances, this could be either a second- or third-degree felony.
  • Aggravated Vehicular Homicide: This involves all the common elements of aggravated vehicular assault, but with the additional element of death.

If a law enforcement officer stops you for a possible OVI, there’s a high possibility of an arrest. To minimize the punishments you could be facing, it’s advisable that you request the presence of a lawyer in case you need to talk about something aside from your registration, license, and insurance details. You should likewise keep all relevant evidence and documentation of the circumstances of your arrest, so your lawyer could use this information to make your case.