Preparing for a Green Card Interview

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Green cardPeople spend a lot of time and money to get a green card. Tedious and stressful, the process involved in applying for permanent residency requires patience and professionalism. Ace your green card interview through the following pointers:

Prepare documents beforehand

Before heading to the interview, make sure you have all your documents and that your immigration attorney in Utah has reviewed them. Prepare your birth certificate, valid passport, police certificate, medical examination results, and financial statements. Individuals applying for a marriage-based green card should also bring the following: marriage certificate, documentation of wedding, joint tax returns, and documents issued to both parties.

Meet your attorney

Reach out to your attorney days before the interview. Ask him to prep you personally and don’t forget to clear up questions you may have. Green card applicants can also ask a legal professional to join the interview. An attorney will help protect your rights and resolve sources of confusion.

Expect personal questions

Immigrant officers are intimidating and interrogative, especially during green card interviews. Expect personal questions that may surprise and confuse you. Listen carefully and answer the best way you can. Give a good impression by showing you’re prepared and confident.

Don’t joke around

Don’t try to lighten the mood by joking about drugs, communicable diseases, or smuggling people into the country. Also, don’t try to sound smart by being sarcastic. Remember that you’re dealing with a professional, so it’s important to be professional too.

Dress formally and conservatively

Dress to impress, indeed. Be neat and wear corporate clothes to look credible and confident. Avoid wearing sneakers, slogan shirts, and baggy pants as if you’re just meeting a friend. Immigration officers will appreciate the effort.

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Green card interviews are just like job interviews, except that you’re applying for permanent residency. The key to a successful green card application is preparedness. Read about personal immigration experiences and talk to your attorney to set expectations.