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Prevent Unwanted Tenants in Your Property

Talking Points
Key and model houseWhen a property has been left vacant for a long while, it can draw attention from the wrong kinds of people. Vagrants and trespassers could enter a property and could very well do some damage. Many property owners fear vandalism and dereliction, so they turn to authorities and agencies to help them remove such people from their property.
A court bailiff removal service will make sure that trespassers, vagrants, and even difficult tenants will be removed from your property according to the law. Below are some ways that these services can assist you:

Squatter Eviction

Squatters are always a possibility whether you live in a crowded, urban area or the vast countryside. Unfortunately, you cannot use force when evicting people. Due process is always required, and you need to file an interim possession order and to seek the assistance of a bailiff to help you remove unlawful tenants.

Traveller and Gypsy Removal

Sometimes, travellers would pitch a tent and spend the night at your property, without knowing that it is private property. This is especially common for properties located in tourist hotspots. The problem arises when they overstay their welcome. You can talk to these travellers and agree as to how long they can stay. However, if they’re disrupting the community, then consider reporting them to the local council. You can also file for a possession order, which a court bailiff will use to do the appropriate action.

Security Services

A court bailiff service could provide you round-the-clock property surveillance if you suspect that someone has been breaking and entering your property. They can install cameras on your property that you can access remotely, and that will help them take note of any trespassing or disturbances taking place.
It is important to take action when protecting your property before it’s too late. Be sure to take advantage of a court bailiff service to prevent any further problems that could result from the illegal occupation of your real estate property.
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