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Pursuing Divorce While Pregnant

Current Issues

pregnant womanWhile pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times in your life, stress can overpower your enthusiasm and make you feel frustrated. Mood swings are some of the common effects of pregnancy and this can be startling for expectant mothers.

Stress, however, heightens exponentially if your marriage is ending. If you want to proceed with divorce while pregnant, the impact can be emotionally devastating. This is because you will have to deal with the added surge of emotions caused by an increased production of hormones.

Seek Legal Advice

Although you may be feeling vulnerable at the moment, it can be empowering to know what to expect in the legal process.  Divorce attorneys in Nassau County, Queens, and Brooklyn suggest hiring a family lawyer to know the laws regarding pregnancy. Your divorce attorney will inform you about the requirements and talk about your options.

You can also choose mediation, a process that helps you and your spouse come up with a mutual agreement. This choice is less expensive and less stressful than going through a trial. Make sure you stay informed about the different options you have, and seek professional advice to find the most suitable arrangement.

Get Help From Others

You will naturally feel sad and frustrated at this time, but don’t suffer in silence. Talk to your doctor or find a therapist that specializes in perinatal mental health. There are also medication options that your doctors can suggest. Don’t keep your feelings hidden, as this may put you and your baby at risk.

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It is also a good idea to establish a safety net for emotional support. This is especially beneficial if you are having your first child. You can get a childbirth coach and join a support group. You may also consider moving in with your family until your delivery and you feel ready to handle parenthood by yourself.

Your pregnancy can complicate the entire divorce process so it is important to get all the help you need. Hire an attorney to guide your decisions and take care of all your legal issues.