Extremists And Revisionist History

Whether you believe the founding fathers abhorred slavery, and consisted of a diverse collection of races is not as relevant as the narrative bringing it inside the margins of political thought.  The callous certainty of prominent political leaders– quick to create an air of false historical reference to buttress their arguments– is taking a more firm hand in our discourse.

It’s becoming more and more prevalent now to disavow any and all negative historical facts about the founders.  The plain truth is this: Most of them were slave owners, and they did pursue a constitutional course of racial, gender, and religious purity.

One of the most curious revisionist history cases is taking shape right now in the state of Tennessee.  Tennessee Tea Party activists are demanding state legislators make changes in the curriculum of the state’s students:

“Neglect and outright ill will have distorted the teaching of the history and character of the United States,” according to a document the two dozen activists distributed to reporters. “We seek to compel the teaching of students in Tennessee the truth regarding the history of our nation and the nature of its government.”

Neglect and ill will?  On whose part?  The methodology of these individuals’ attempt to buffer their argument with the I hate America meme is dangerous. What constitutes the truth to these people?  It’s probably the same illogically narrow thinking that led Michele Bachmann to claim the purity of the founders and their ideology.

Its genesis originated as a means to undermine the struggle of black Americans, wading through the morass of racial inequality.  It is a deliberate attempt to white-wash American history, in order to prop up a false mythology.

There is a craven, menacing theme underlying this argument.  It’s the work of a cadre of revisionists, unbowed in their blatant attempt to unravel the American tapestry.  These individuals–of whom Bachmann is at the forefront–are deliberately shredding the very document they purport to hold sacred.  You cannot rewrite American history and rinse it clean of the bloody stains attached.  It’s a disservice to those individuals–black and white, men and women–who gave their lives to shear the path clear of the oppressive weeds of intolerance.

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