Tea Party In Indiana Thinks Barack Obama Is Part Of The Jew Conspiracy

But this isn’t any evidence of bigotry is it?  This is just your average teacher, banker and farmer expressing themselves, and loving America right?  Hmmm…

Now, if you attend some tea party meetings in Indiana, a different kind of challenge is emerging. On the information tables, along with candidate brochures and handouts from right-wing blogs, is a stack of DVDs, one of them titled ‘Rothschild’s Choice: Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America.’

As described in breathless narration over ominous, pounding, suspenseful music, the cabal is made up of Jewish financiers and billionaires, run today by Lord Jacob Rothschild, the 4th Baron. Along with Jewish-run secret societies and globalist organizations, their control of Barack Obama has turned him into a water boy to their causes.

The Zionist Occupation Group is popular with many anti-government groups, racists, and other good American folk of temperate ideology.  The fact that a strain of Tea Partiers support it is hardly shocking–at least to those with half a brain cell. Dammit people!  I am tired of all this non-evidence point to intolerance and bigotry in the Tea Party.  Would someone please show me some hard evidence so we can stop this vicious witch hunt?  Anyone?


4 thoughts on “Tea Party In Indiana Thinks Barack Obama Is Part Of The Jew Conspiracy”

  1. We should not be quick to judge a whole group just by a few individuals. If that were the case both democrats/republicans would be in trouble.

    Most TeaParty members are good people who just want govt. out of their lives & more freedoms taken back that have been lost.

  2. I hear that a lot and frankly it’s tiring. What I would like to hear though is there is a bigoted, nutty element existing in the Tea Party. Why is this never acknowledged? Personally, I don’t think this movement (which is conservative backlash and nothing nothing more) is totally bigoted. But there sure are some rotten eggs in it. All I’m saying is stop trying to hide or disavow them. One rotten egg spoils the entire pack.

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