Self-Defense as a Criminal Defense Strategy

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Beautiful sport karate kidsDefending yourself in court for a crime you did not commit is one of the most frustrating things that could happen in your life. Things could go worse if they arrest you and. It is critical that you remain calm in such situations. Be as logical as possible when narrating the circumstances where you have a possible involvement.

Presenting facts that you believe are true

It is important that you remember all that had transpired before you the accusation. For example, someone accused you in Washington of stabbing a person that almost killed the victim, and there was a witness who saw you did it.

As you recall all that had happened before the accusation, it is the best idea that you work with a criminal defense lawyer in Lynnwood to help you logically present the facts. In this case, you may need to prove to the judge or jurors that the stabbing happened because the victim assaulted you first.

Failure to narrate a logical story sequence could result in a weak defense, or worse, the judge could not believe your story.

The concept of “self-defense” in a nutshell

If you are using self-defense as a legal strategy, you need to have all the evidence to support your claim. A self-defense claim could be confusing due to the questions that it brings. Going back to the stabbing case, you might need to prove that you were in imminent physical danger and that you just defended yourself, or that you tried to flee before the stabbing took place.

The court also needs to determine if the force you used to defend yourself is equivalent to the force used by the victim. Self-defense is difficult to prove, and different states could view it differently.

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When using self-defense as a legal strategy, it is important that you work with a knowledgeable legal counsel. You must make sure the court and jury don’t view your defense differently when you present facts in court.