Sex Crime: Coming Out of the Dark

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Sex Crime in CincinnatiReporting a sex crime may not just be embarrassing but a tedious task as well. However, if the victims decide not to report a crime, they should, at least, get counseling from a support group and seek medical attention.

Types of Sex Crimes

Different offenses fall into the sex crime category. This includes:

  • Indecent Exposure. If people expose their genitals in public, they can be charged with an illegal act. Usually committed for gratification, it often causes others to be alarmed. This offense does not include urinating in public, public breastfeeding, and other forms of chest exposure.
  • Prostitution. Also known as the oldest profession, this includes any offer or engagement in sexual acts with a payment involved.
  • Rape. This includes date rape and statutory rape which involves physical force, threats of injury, and other duress.
  • Sexual Assault. Covers unwanted and offensive sexual touching including sexual assault and attempted rape.
  • Solicitation. This includes any request, encouragement, and demand for someone to engage in prostitution.
  • Statutory Rape. Involves sex with minors who cannot legally consent to have sex even there was no force involved.

How to Take a Stand

To prevent a sex crime from happening again, it should be reported to the proper authorities. Aside from knowing the definition of a sex crime and the categories that fall under it, the following steps are crucial when it comes to reporting an assault.

  1.  Find safety away from your attacker as soon as you get the opportunity.
  2.  Report it to the police.
  3. Preserve the pieces of evidence by NOT changing your clothing, taking a shower or bath, brushing your teeth or hair, eating and drinking anything, and cleaning or straightening the scene of attack.
  4. Write down the all the details about the incident and the attacker.
  5. Go to a hospital if you need medical attention.
  6. Get assistance from a Cincinnati sex crime lawyer such as, a group, or counselor.
  7. Stand by your decision and understand the benefits of reporting your case.
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When it comes to bringing justice to a sex crime victim, there are always people ready to help.