Stalkers: When Obsession Becomes Dangerous

The Big Picture

St. George attorneysCelebrities and big movie stars aren’t the only ones who get stalked, and you shouldn’t be celebrating when you get one. It’s even more dangerous for regular people since it doesn’t get them any publicity at all.

Stalkers can victimize both men and women, and more often than not, the psychological strain it puts on people can override their better judgement. Think carefully and act fast when obsession becomes dangerous.

Seeking Attention

Many St. George attorneys recommend limiting the amount of interaction and attention with the stalker. Avoid contacting them or giving them any kind of attention once you’ve asked them to stop stalking you. These people want attention in any form, and they don’t have any qualms if it takes the form of you yelling at them to leave you alone.

They like that, and when they realize their actions provoke a response, they won’t stop until they get more. Don’t attempt to bargain with them as well, as you’re unknowingly giving them power over you.

You’ll want to tell your family and close friends that a person is stalking you so that they avoid leaking personal information that the miscreant may use against you. Be careful, though; don’t announce to everybody that someone is stalking you. One of them may actually be close to the stalker and inform them of what you’re doing.

Gather Evidence

If the stalker becomes too overbearing and the situation starts becoming dangerous, collect evidence to present to the authorities. You’ll want to get proof that this person is intruding into your comfort zone and making you feel vulnerable.

Save all the messages and emails the stalker may have sent you and keep a log of their calls as well. Take pictures discreetly when you can, especially if you encounter them. You can use these if you plan to take the stalker to court, and it’s very difficult to deny their faults when irrefutable evidence is present.

Finally, be smart and be aware. Stalkers prey on the mistakes of their victims, so always take them seriously. If reasoning fails, contact the authorities to prevent the situation from getting worse.