Survey Says Paralegals Have Way Better Jobs than Lawyers

The Vision

Survey Says Paralegal as Better Job than LawyerA 2015 report from website CareerCast about the best jobs of the year revealed that paralegals and legal assistants rank 36 of all 200 professions included in the comparison list. Lawyers and attorneys have not even made it to the top 100. The survey even cites that, stenographers and court reporters, ranked 63rd, also outweigh lawyers and attorneys.

What the survey implies

From this report alone, you can already see why choosing a paralegal career is a lot better than becoming a lawyer. And with more and more law firms across the nation on the hunt for paralegals, this should tell you becoming one will provide you with the many job opportunities.

Also, with paralegals having made a median annual income of $48,157.00 in 2015, as well as a 14.57 hiring outlook rate, you should already consider enrolling in paralegal programs available online when you want a career in the legal industry.

Why paralegals are in demand

As US News cited, the saying “Behind every great lawyer is a great paralegal,” definitely has truth in it. Without paralegals, lawyers will have the inability to function properly, seeing that they rely on paralegals for so many duties and tasks. Lawyers cannot handle every case alone, primarily because they have their own numerous responsibilities; from counseling to developing strategies, from solving problems to advocating, and from negotiating to preparing for cases that go to court.

With their plates full, they need someone else to conduct the necessary steps in order to perform the mentioned duties. This “someone else” usually refers to paralegals. Lawyers may have more than one paralegal under their employment; a major reason for the high demand for paralegals.

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Pursuing a career as a paralegal

Paralegals perform many duties on a daily basis, so when you want to pursue this as your career path, you should prepare yourself in every way possible. Although you will learn much from the program you enroll in, you should start honing your skills, specifically communication, writing, researching, and use of computer.