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Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.  (AP/Scott) Applewhite)

Paul Ryan Attempts To Continue A Reckless Fiscal Policy


Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis. (AP/Scott) Applewhite)

Paul Ryan portrays his budget as an earnest attempt to reduce the deficit– a Herculean task to be sure.  But earnest practice isn’t equivalent to honest practice, and Ryan’s allegiance to the GOP core shines through quite clearly. I’m not certain how you manage to reduce the deficit simply by slashing spending programs, while significantly cutting taxes.

How does this prevent the deficit from ballooning again in the future?  The funds collected from your spending cut rampage are piled back into the kitty in order to pay for tax cuts–leaving you bare on the revenue side.  So in a few years you would have repeated the cycle of ballooning deficits you tried to tame in the first place.

I don’t have an issue with the idea behind the plan.  We are in dire financial straits, and most Americans are unaware of just how serious our deficit problems are.  Will there be pain and sacrifice in alleviating this debt?  Undoubtedly.  All of us will feel some measure of pain.  And this is where the reality does not meet the rhetoric for Ryan and the GOP.

In Ryan’s plan,  the devil is most certainly in the details. Where is the real sacrifice on the part of Ryan and conservatives?  This plan is littered with tax cuts for wealthy Americans and corporations.  Why are they exempt?  What are they willing to give?  Why doesn’t Ryan match the draconian spending cuts he advocates with tax increases?  If we all must pay a price, I see no reason why the wealthy should be spared.  Ryan’s plan gets more than two trillion dollars from poor and middle class folks.  Where is the balance?  How is this shared sacrifice? Give us a fair, non-partisan attempt at a deficit solution congressman. Then I will call you brave.   But for now, this plan falls short, and it’s just another in a long line of partisan attempts to remake policy that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

And now Mr. President, the ball is in your court.  Articulating a message to the American people about the pain we all must share in order to reduce our deficit, will short circuit Ryan’s short sighted, heavily slanted approach.  It is not enough to cut discretionary spending.  Not only is it implausible, it’s reckless policy–and it’s one of the reasons we’re faced with our current situation.  We’ve lived on the precipice of fiscal irresponsibility for so long, we must pay the price sooner or later.  I see no reason why that price should be borne solely on the backs of Americans with little or no means.  That is morally not an option in this case.  Not this time.

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