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Love And The Tree Of Life

(Editor’s note:  This is the third part in a three part arc on the tenets of happiness)

Love is life.  Love is a brilliant sheen, glossily shining in the eyes of lovers– of families yearning to see their loved ones– and dreamers hoping to find and claim its shine for their own.  Like hope and faith,  love can sometimes be painful and blunt, as a blow to the knee.  But we are forever searching for it, trying to nestle within its bosom, to feel its nurturing caress.  What does love mean to you?  I’d like to share a story about what it means to me.

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Dreams Of A Better Man

Speaking to a friend recently about his family, specifically his terrible relationship with his father–  got me thinking about my childhood– and how I was raised to be a man.  In my experience, men have can sometimes have difficult personal relationships because of  how they project their masculinity– and how that projection is perceived by those around them.  As an illustration, think about a young man reared by a single mother.  He recalls fleeting instances of a father– wisps of cigarette smoke and after shave leave a trace.  That’s all.   Having to learn what it takes to be a man from a woman who’s never worn the heavy work boots, can totally screw a boy up.  I’ve seem the end results of having a fatherless child.  In some cases, the emotional capacity of these kids is well below the curve– either due to the coddling most single moms perform in order to make up for the lack of the other parent– or the complete wigging out some mothers engage in by making their child the embodiment of the father in body and spirit.

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This City Of Wind… Is Taking The Breath From My Lungs




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Chicago Beating Death





I adore Chicago. It is the pulse of America.” – Sarah Bernhardt

The pulse is weakening.  It seems hopeless.  We cannot stem this tide of violence, perpetrated by American youth who feel no hope, and covet no life. Cities across this country are experiencing this almost unprecedented violent uprising, but nowhere is it more evident than in the Second City.  People are dying.  Children are lost.  We pray for salvation, we pray for solutions.   We shed tears, as we catch a glimpse of what death and desolation can bring.  We must never forget what we are losing.  We are losing the war for our future.  We are losing our soul.

Life and death law around us
Four pounds and pounds a verb from out of towners
It’s hard to stay grounded
We stay high, thats why old folks down us
Lost, nobody found us, the force that surrounds us
Ain’t with us, they get us on the ground and hit us
We paint pictures of the chains under their names and scriptures
Removed from earth, only to return through birth…