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Fox News And The Hip Hop Narrative

Everything else seems to be on the table–Why are rappers coming to the White House?  Where is your birth certificate?  Why are you playing basketball?  Everything of course but jobs and things that affect real people.  This is quite possibly the most bizarre attack yet though, and it says quite a bit about their mindset. This isn’t political dissent. This is strictly comedic fodder, and it makes them look even more parochial and silly than ever.

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Fox News’ Fear-Driven Narrative Has A Credibility Problem

The past two years have resulted in the most bizarre incongruities and hypocritical stances by leading conservatives (deficit reduction, stimulus spending, preserving the constitution, religious tolerance), and their media mouth piece Fox News.  This, in a nutshell, sums all of them up.  John Stewart:

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Sean Hannity And Fox News Don’t See Why They Can’t Doctor Video Footage… After All, They’re A Real News Organization

Here we go again. Conservatives, America’s “real patriots,” have managed to make another mess with their Tea Party protest. Thank you Fox News.  After I wrote about the 9/12 protest in September– how certain conservative bloggers wet themselves in reporting inflated attendance numbers (Michelle Malkin)– then used a fake picture to depict the scene, I just knew they had learned a lesson. I guess they haven’t.  Apparently Fox News, that bastion of ethical and fair journalism, has gotten its nose dirty, thanks to some tricky doctoring of video by Sean Hannity and his producers.  The most recent Tea Party protests, organized by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) was the recipient this time of the “special treatment.”  Take a look at the two photos below.  The photo on the left was of the most recent protest led by Bachmann.  On the right is the 9/12 protest organized by rabid loon Glen Beck.  Notice anything odd?


Here is John Stewart reporting this discovery on his show Tuesday night:

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Wow.  I suppose this is what you do to stay on top.  The “Super Bowl of Freedom” huh? This is one of the most blatant misrepresentations I’ve seen in quite some time. One has to wonder how often they distort the facts, and bend the rules in order to remain the best tabloid entertainment organization. I say that because their credibility as a “real” news organization is seriously compromised here. Real news organizations report the actual story, they’re not part of the story. Sean Hannity, you deserve a big thanks for lifting the veil on your company’s shameful practices. Take a bow. Now grow a pair, and admit that Fox News is all about spreading propaganda. Someone at that network needs to.

UPDATE: Hannity apologizes.  Hell has frozen over.