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UPDATE: Man Who Mocked And Tossed Money At Parkinsons Victim Identified

Remember this despicable display?

The piece of trash who tossed dollar bills has been identified as Chris Reichert of Victorian Village, Ohio. Per Wonkette:

The now-adult turd, “Chris Reichert of Victorian Village,” bravely wasted many days after the videotaped display of insane rage denying that he had, in fact, heckled and then tossed a few dollar bills at a very sick man who had come out to Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy’s district office in support of health insurance reform. But now, it’s time for the Healing to Begin.

“Let the healing begin.”  Right…

HT: Wonkette

Health Care Reform Protesters Mock Man With Parkinson’s Disease

Really????  Watch it below.

See, I don’t have a problem with real, sensible protest. It’s when you act like a pack of sick animals– whose sole means of debate is to mock, ridicule, and demean others– whose points of view are different from your own. You do a disservice to yourself and your cause. And you look like a bunch of fucking idiots too.