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The Perils Of Being A Smart Country

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Listen folks… I get we’re currently battling a pretty brutal economy, and there isn’t much faith or trust in our elected officials right now.  I understand voter angst and apathy–especially in the face of the politics as usual culture emanating from Washington right now.  This is part and parcel to the establishment of an entirely new movement in activist politics–even though you can debate whether it’s just another strain of an existing political party.

What I cannot fathom, is the sheer ignorance and complete confusion some Americans are experiencing.  Take a look at these quite confusing polls via Greg Sargent:

Whose economic policies are more likely to improve economic conditions — the Democrats in Congress or the Republicans in Congress?

Democrats in Congress 41%

Republicans in Congress 47%

While I don’t find myself agreeing with this result, I can understand how some would come to this conclusion.   But then there’s this:

Who do you think is more responsible for the country’s current economic problems — the Democrats in Congress or the Republicans in Congress?

Democrats in Congress 35%

Republicans in Congress 41%

I’m totally confused here:  So Americans believe the GOP will handle the economy more responsibly, yet they believe the GOP is responsible for the economic mess we’re in.  Really?

Frankly, I’m stumped.  For all we know come November, the American people won’t vote for either party.  They’ll put a flock of seagulls in office.  Not the synth 80′s rock group either.

H/T: Bob Cesca

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Who Will Control The Narrative?

As midterm elections draw near, what will be the prevailing thought and strategy of democrats?  Clearly they’ve put themselves behind the eight ball, but there is a silver lining here:  it has nothing to do with what their republican counterparts have done.  In fact it is precisely because of the GOP’s bungling, and incoherent scatter shot plans moving forward, that gives democrats an opening to control the narrative of this political season.

So what will they push?  How about pushing the fact that republicans have hunkered down and completely blocked any and all attempts at moving government forward–insisting on engaging in 1800′s style pugilistic tactics to stymie progress.  I think this is a winning play, and judging by the new GOP Pledge to America–which is basically a tired retread of basic GOP talking points–it will be effective.

Give the people a choice.  Whether they accept it or not– the fact of GOP obstruction cannot be debated– and they should be exploited.  Control the narrative and you command the debate.

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