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Alvin Greene + Hot Lyrics = New Senator From South Carolina

Alvin Greene and his people suddenly realized that they can spit hot fire.  So why not take the next logical step, and do a little Alvin Greene rap for the campaign?  The video– complete with a family values theme, tea party anti-Obama hate signs, and a rusty sounding vocoder– might just be the thing to garner steam for the upstart democratic candidate.  Or Jim Demint might beat him by 40 percentage points.  Who knows?  All I know is this:  Greene is clearly a much more productive unemployed American than Sarah Palin–and a better possible presidential candidate .  Enjoy.

Super Tuesday Results: What Do They Mean?

Here are the results of primary night in America:

  • Rep. Joe Sestak wins the Senate Democratic primary in Pennsylvania against Republican-turned-Democrat incumbent Senator Arlen Specter.
  • Democrats Sen. Blanche Lincoln (44%) & Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (43%) will go to primary runoff.
  • Democrat Mark Critz wins race against Republican Tim Burns in a special election in Pennsylvania to fill the seat of the late Rep. John Murtha.
  • Tea Party Candidate Rand Paul defeats Republican establishment opponent Secretary of State Trey Grayson (Mitch McConnell’s candidate) in Kentucky GOP Senate primary.

So, what do we know?  We know that activists may just have some clout to affect change in the fall, as tea party candidate Rand Paul charged to victory against Trey Grayson.  Similarly, Grayson–who was the darling favorite of minority leader Mitch McConnell and former vice president Dick Cheney–illustrates the relative fragility the republican establishment is under.

For democrats, Arlen Spector’s defeat may foreshadow the trouble some candidates may have touting the support of President Obama.  Not only did it not change the political compass of the electorate in Pennsylvania– it may have caused an unintentional backlash from those strongly rejecting some of his policies.  As a result, his more than 30 years of public service came to an end.

The most telling election last night was neither Spector’s loss or Paul’s victory–as both were practically forecast for weeks.  It was the special election in Pennsylvania for the late John Murtha’s congressional seat.  Republicans had hoped to use this seat as the barometer of the national mood–effectively dealing a blow to democrats in a district where Barack Obama’s approval rating is 35%.  This was the only contest last night that was head to head– democrat versus republican. 

The democrat prevailed comfortably, dealing a blow to republican hopes of a new republican revolution.  That wave of republican dominance narrative thrust down all of our throats for months, may not be as significant as first imagined.

Last night’s results are indicative of the anti-incumbent mania gripping the country.  No longer are incumbents safe hiding under their prodigious trappings of power.  Beware of the anti-establishment vote.

Three Reasons Why Jim Bunning’s GOP Is Out Of Touch With America

Senator Jim Bunning, R-(KY):

Last week, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., asked to pass a 30-day extensions bill for unemployment insurance and other federal programs. Earlier in February, those extensions were included in a broader bipartisan bill that was paid for but did not meet Sen. Reid’s approval, and he nixed the deal. When I saw the Democrats in Congress were going to vote on the extensions bill without paying for it and not following their own Pay-Go rules, I said enough is enough.

Many people asked me, “Why now?” My answer is, “Why not now?” Why can’t a non-controversial measure in the Senate that would help those in need be paid for? If the Senate cannot find $10 billion to pay for a measure we all support, we will never pay for anything.

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Harold Ford Is The Everyman

“Now I’ve taken a 45-day unpaid leave of absence from my job at Merrill Lynch. It’s not right to draw a salary when I’m out every day campaigning. Fortunately, I’ve still got a little NYU teaching job and some MSNBC, so for a while I think I can put food on the table.

Okay look.  I used to believe that Harold Ford was a man on the rise.  A smart, effective young legislator who had the political acumen to cut through the bullshit and invective paralyzing Washington.  I realize he isn’t the first to carpet-bag, but it’s hearing shit like this that makes me want to punch him in the throat.

I don’t begrudge Ford for getting paid.  In fact, I think that’s great.  But please don’t expect to drop from your golden parachute to portray the role of the everyman New Yorker. Don’t expect to relate to New Yorkers who’ve been bludgeoned by the shitty economy, and political posturing.  The everyman can’t afford to take an “unpaid” leave from his job.

Good luck in your race Mr. Ford  If it doesn’t work out, I suppose you’ve always got the gig at Merrill Lynch.  You can continue raping and pillaging your fellow Americans from your lofty perch in the financial district.

Massachusetts… The Morning After

Congratulations to Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown, for winning the special senate election in Massachusetts. The seat was held by Edward Kennedy for almost 50 years before his passing last year. The win for the GOP complicates Democrats attempts at not only passing health care reform, but other policy issues as well. Is this a referendum on President Obama’s agenda? Or is it just the electorate waking up to the possibility that politicians assume compliance, and deny accountability? I think it’s a little of both. 

The president would be wise to press on. But he also must know that a new strategy needs to be employed. One that seeks to regain the public’s trust in him again. Won’t be easy. Welcome to the bully pulpit.
I’ll have more on the election results, and the indirect causes and effects in a later post.

For now, to the victors, go the spoils.

Chris Dodd: The Birth Of A Legacy

Senator Chris Dodd

Christopher J. Dodd’s been a senator from the state of Connecticut for over 30 years.  Growing up in Southeastern Connecticut,  I recall Senator Dodd  as an affable, yet towering figure.  He was admired, and often emulated by those aspiring to replicate his success.  A son of the nutmeg state, Dodd grew up in Willimantic, probably a good 30 minute drive from my own humble place of birth in New London.  During Dodd’s senate career, he made several trips into my little town– and on some occasions my parents would drag me along– hoping to catch a glimpse of the local celebrity.  Of course I was too young to appreciate the visits at the time, but my parents relished the chances they had to meet him.

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End Of An Era

I suppose the conundrum as been solved.

Dodd’s done:

With poll after poll showing Dodd trailing, it became increasingly clear that his candidacy was not salvageable. A senior Democratic official said Dodd’s long-rumored, and always-denied, retirement plans were “inevitable – like gravity.”

Still, a source familiar with Dodd’s plans insisted late Tuesday that there was no pressure exerted on Dodd from the White House to back down.

It’s hard for me to get a grasp on this one.  I grew up in Connecticut with Christopher J. Dodd as my senator.  I wrote a post a few months back about meeting him in grade school– and about the upcoming fight to retain his seat in Connecticut.  He’s been a good senator for a long time.  Sadly, sometimes it’s best to know when it’s time to give up the fight.  Senator Dodd decided his time was now.  Losing Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd is a blow to the New England Democratic establishment, as well as the democratic party as a whole.  We’ll see how they bounce back.