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A View From Inside: The Beauty Of Artistry

What is your definition of artistry?  Can you examine a piece of cloth, a paint-streaked canvas, or a design table, and make a clear unequivocal pronouncement as to what you see?  Artistry, and artists, exist in a vacuum– completely insulated from the trappings of the world around them.  This is how their creativity brews and bubbles, and they’re able to nurture and perfect their craft in a way that speaks from their soul.  It is how we are awed by what they create. True artistry shocks us with its boldness and fresh spirit.  Here’s an example of bold and fresh:

These are some pictures from My Jewelry, My Life, Me– a gorgeous visual blog created by Jessica Dickens– where wonderfully unique jewelry with a human feel is made.  These pieces, done by Ms. Dickens, embody the spirit, strength and uniqueness of their creator.  They exude warmth, and meld seamlessly onto each wearer’s body.

Jessica’s task in the new year is to design one piece of jewelry each day for 365 days.  The task is both herculean in scope, and magnificent in thought.  It’s a project worthy of appreciation and support.  I highly recommend you take a peek at the impressive collection she is amassing.  You’ll be glad you did.


You can follow Jessica’s blog here:  http://www.jessicadickens.tumblr.com/

She’s also on twitter:  www.twitter.com/jessicaldickens.  Be sure to say hi and tell her wrightandleftreport sent you.

Fear And Self-Loathing: A Black Man Telling Another Black Man To “Go Back To The Porch?”

An answer to my question

I was able to ask a question of the senators on the Judiciary Committee today via Twitter.  My twitter name is wordsnourishme.  Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) answered:

Earlier today, we offered to ask senators your questions. Here’s what @wordsnourishme was curious about: “What does empathy mean to you and why would it not apply to a justice?  Are they machines?”

We sent Jesse J. Holland, our reporter in the hearing room, to find a senator. He interviewed Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

Coburn’s reponse: “Their feelings come in but they should not have any application as when they make a decision based on the facts of the case and on the statutes they’re considering and precedent.”

Human beings without empathy aren’t much but what we ask a judge to do is to separate that empathy from their decision-making process because they are strictly told by the Constitution what factors they are to consider, and there’s three: the Constitution and the statutes, treaties and precedent. That’s it.”

“We want judges to have empathy, but we don’t want empathy to interfere with the rule of law. Once you move to that direction — once when empathy reigns — the rule of law has no power. We lose the rule of law.”

Thanks to  Liz Sidoti, Jesse Holland and AP Courtside.