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The Muslim Brotherhood Disguised As Wisconsin Unions

So, the practice of protest isn’t American after all?  I’m confused.  And slightly offended:

So we’re asking ourselves, “Will the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt?” and in America we’re asking, “Will the Education Brotherhood take over Wisconsin?”  Check the news, folks, because they’re sure trying. The Education Brotherhood, which is a branch of the Government Unions Brotherhood, has already shut down public schools for how many days is it now?  Three days?  Three or four days? No end in sight, and yet all they really care about is “the children.”  That’s all they care about, children.  They shut down the schools. They are robbing inner-city kids of precious schooldays that would help make America more competitive…

You know, it’s hard to tell how much the Muslim Brotherhood frightens liberals, but we know that the Education Brotherhood has scared the heck out of liberal Wisconsin state senators.  We know that for sure.  We know that the Education Brotherhood has got these state senators cowed.  They ran. They fled for the border.

The Education Brotherhood?  Does Limbaugh think so little of his audience that he believes they’ll fall for this insane drivel?  Do ratings drive him that much?  What am I saying; of course he does, and they do.  In fact, it is precisely because of his audience’s limited capacity to digest information and process bullshit, that he is able to blunder through three hours of useless radio.

He’s not even trying anymore.

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Who’s Really Serious About Taming The Budget In Wisconsin?

I haven’t written anything on what’s taking place in Wisconsin yet.  Rather than go off half-cocked, I’d much prefer giving a more enlightened opinion, without resorting to my own pre-determined feelings on the issue.  This issue is rather timely for me also, as it coincides with my take on  teachers unions, and their effects on our public educational system.

For now, check out this short clip put together by heritage.org.  It gives you a bit of perspective on the impasse from different angles–although it’s slanted toward Governor Scott Walker and his conservative legislation.

For those of you unsure as to what is going on in the upper Midwest, here is a great primer for you.  Immerse yourself in the process from  different political angles, and draw your own conclusions.

Ezra Klein speaks about what niether side wants to admit:

State and local budgets are in bad shape. They’ll need deep reforms across a variety of categories, from tax increases to service cuts to changes to employee compensation. But the focus on public employees — and the accompanying narrative that they’re greedy and overcompensated — obscures a lot of that: It makes it seem as if the decisions that have to be made are easy and costless and can be shunted onto an interest group that some of us, at least, don’t like. It’s the Republican version of when liberals suggest we can balance the budget simply by increasing taxes on the rich. But it’s not true.

Pain will be a necessary result of fixing this mess, but neither side is willing to capitulate.  At all.  The end result is the protest-fueled melodrama playing itself out.  If Scott Walker is as serious as he claims about reducing the state deficit, is he willing to acquiesce to demands of tax increases on corporations?  Are unions willing to pay more than the 1% they’re currently paying toward their pensions?

We will see.

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Michael Steele Is Harvey Dent Minus The Lucky Coin… And The Skin Grafts

msteele-v2This is Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Notice the cartoonish hand gestures, and the sly suggestive smile.  This is a man that is confident in his abilities, but what those are, is questionable to me.  He should be happy about one thing though:  He has mastered the art of the hypocrisy two-step.  So, just what has Mr. Unspoiled Juice done to master this?  He just had to sell out a segment of his own party, to sail on the rugged seas of the uncompromising right-wing that’s all.

Steele initially claimed that republican party was a big tent, and they, more than the democrats, welcomed diversity of thought and opinion.  Here he is a few months back in Wisconsin:

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