Birth Injury

The Importance of Hiring a Birth Injury Lawyer

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Birth InjuryFor any couple, the birth of their newborn is one of the most incredible moments in their lives. However, that happiness may be short-lived and may turn into a nightmare on the realization that the newborn sustained injuries due to the negligence of medical practitioners. In such cases, the parents of the injured baby will need the services of a birth injury attorney.

According to a birth injury lawyer from Atlanta’s, if your child suffers injury due to the negligence of a medical professional, you have the right to sue for compensation. The birth injury could take place either before birth, during birth, or after birth.

  • Before Birth

Nursing a pregnancy is a critical phase and expectant mothers should receive special care. Before your child is even born, various reasons may lead to the injury of your child. For instance, your appointed doctor may be unqualified, failing to offer appropriate care that you need during your pregnancy. In other scenarios, a doctor may offer you wrong advice and prescribe wrong medications, harming the wellbeing of your child. If your child suffers injury as a result of unlawful practices by your doctor, seek assistance from a birth injury lawyer.

  • During Birth

During this stage, your doctor needs to be careful, as even a slight mistake may harm your newborn. If your doctor fails to pay detailed attention, or if an unqualified doctor is assigned to you, the consequences can be enormous. In cases where the baby is too large to undergo vaginal birth, the doctor must take the appropriate measures to ensure the safe delivery of the child.

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If your doctor fails to take up correct measures, your newborn may sustain an injury or suffer from birth defects. A birth injury lawyer can represent you in a lawsuit involving such cases. Apart from the hurt malpractice caused, you will require offsetting medical bills.

  • After Birth

In other cases, harm may occur after childbirth. This is evident when your doctor acts inappropriately after the birth of your newborn. The doctor may have prescribed the wrong medicine and dosage for the baby. In other cases, some careless medical practitioners may have mishandled the newborn or provided the wrong treatment that led to health complications.

With birth injury lawyers, issues such as doctor’s negligence are curbed and justice is achieved. Your sorrow and trauma may not be taken away as your newborn is deprived the chance of leading a healthy life. However, you will get compensation for the wrongful deeds and get medical support for the expenses.