The Key Roles an Auto Accident Attorney Plays in Your Case

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Driver suffering next pain after a car crashHow responsible a motorist in Springfield, IL are you? Yes, you may have proper driving behavior and etiquette, but this isn’t the full extent of being a responsible driver. Just as important is knowing the laws and regulations you need to abide by following a car accident.

The world of road traffic incidents is complicated and confusing unless you went to law school and specialized in this particular area of the law. For this reason, it’s better to work with a qualified and experienced Springfield, IL auto accident attorney, as such a professional is key to deciphering everything you need to know about your situation. Here’s why.

Huge variations in laws from one state to another.

The fact that road traffic accident laws vary from state to state make things even trickier and more complex. So even if you have some background in California car accident laws, it doesn’t automatically mean you can already deal with those in Illinois. For instance, all IL motorists involved in a collision that resulted in property damage amounting to more than $1,500 need to report the accident ($500 for uninsured vehicles). The same goes true of course, for cases wherein someone sustained nonfatal or fatal injuries.

Failure to report an accident that falls under any of these categories will lead not just to hefty fines, but potential jail time too. You don’t want to put yourself at risk of any of these repercussions, that’s why you should seek a legal professional for protection.

Ensuring your insurer doesn’t give you the runaround.

Your Illinois vehicle insurance policy should have both uninsured motorist coverage and liability coverage. The liability part must meet the minimum requirements of $25,000 for bodily injury/person; $50,000 total for personal injury/accident; and $20,000 for property damage. However, even with your law-compliant policy, it doesn’t mean that your insurer won’t give you a hard time.

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This is another good reason for enlisting an auto accident attorney. With your lawyer’s expertise, knowledge, and skills, you can make certain you won’t have such problems with your insurance provider.