The Link Between Cerebral Palsy and Medical Malpractice

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NewbornCerebral palsy is a term used for neurological disorders that impede muscle coordination and body movement. While a cerebral palsy birth injury can be caused by different factors, in the context of medical malpractice and birth injuries, it is oftentimes a result of insufficient oxygen reaching the baby’s brain while the mother is in labor or giving birth.

Cerebral Palsy and Medical Malpractice

It is vital to note that not all cerebral palsy cases stem from medical malpractice. In a majority of instances, doctors and other healthcare professionals do all that they possibly can to ensure a safe pregnancy, labor, and delivery for both the mother and the baby — sometimes, things just go wrong. However, when medical malpractice is associated to a birth injury resulting in cerebral palsy, notes that the following normally cause it:

  • Failing to perform a cesarean section on time, which caused oxygen deprivation to the brain of the baby
  • Improper use of a vacuum extractor or forceps
  • Failing to treat meningitis, jaundice, or some other infection
  • Failing to detect a prolapsed umbilical cord

It is likewise worth mentioning that cerebral palsy is not considered a disease because it can’t really be cured. There are however effective treatments and therapies, and new developments that can help a child live better even with a cerebral palsy birth injury.

Is Your Baby’s Cerebral Palsy Caused by Medical Malpractice?

The quality of life of children struggling with cerebral palsy can be improved with different therapies, assistive interaction devices, and mobility aids. Continuous physical therapy can likewise improve their body movement, while surgery may aid in loosening their limbs to prevent the contractures from worsening. However, these are all very expensive and some must be provided to the child for his or her whole life.

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Medical malpractice involving cerebral palsy birth injuries are very complicated both from a medical and legal viewpoint. These will involve technical treatment problems and complex liability questions. Because of this, working with an experienced birth injury attorney is recommended to ensure that your child will be provided with the necessary therapies, medications, surgeries, and equipment he or she requires.