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The Waiting Game: How Long Does an Injury Claim Take to Settle?

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no win no fee lawyersA common concern among people planning to file a personal injury lawsuit is the period it will take for them to see results and receive the compensation they deserve. The reality is that there is no accurate way of knowing how long it will take to settle in court.

Although the ideal situation is quick settlement, this is rarely the case because of the many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, it is important to work with no win no fee lawyers for aggressive representation in court.

Below is a list of situations that may prolong settlement of personal injury claim:

Nature and Severity of Injuries

Quick settlements are more likely for those with relatively minor injuries, but for cases involving multiple serious injuries may take more time.

In some cases, settlement is postponed until medical practitioners issue a medical report the full long-term impact of the victim’s injuries. It may be necessary to obtain various reports from doctors, which may prolong the settlement of your claim.

Responsibility for the Accident Disputed

Quick settlement for personal injury claims is possible if the defence accepts responsibility for the accident. Any disputes regarding the claim and responsibility, however, will present the need for additional investigations and will likely prolong the court’s decision.

The jury may need to secure police records (documents disclosed only after law enforcement closes investigations and opinions from witnesses or secure photographs of the accident. All of this additional information extends the time it will take to reach settlement.

Link between Injury and Accidents Contested

There are cases when the defendant admits to responsibility for the accident, but challenges the claim that their actions contributed to the injuries. For instance, a person involved in a road accident claim may own up to the accident, but argue that the accident was not that serious to cause a particular injury.

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Known as ‘causation’ dispute, these types of arguments contribute to a prolonged settlement of the case because it often presents the need for specific expert proofs.

There really is no clear-cut answer to the question of how long your claim will take to settle in court. What you can do, though, is consult an attorney; these legal practitioners will explore the uniqueness of your case and determine appropriate solutions from there.