What New York is Doing to End Distracted Driving

Current Issues

Vehicular AccidentA mobile phone and a driver intent on multitasking — it creates the perfect storm for an accident on the road. You might think you are accomplishing a lot in a short time. You may be able to reply to a critical email or send an important message. But in the process, you risk your safety and put other motorists in harm’s way.

Driver distraction or inattention is one of the biggest contributing factors to car crashes in the state of New York. The DMV reports of the 200,052 crashes with human factors, 48,774 are due to distracted driving. Technology may have made life easier and convenient, but it has also led to certain risks. Fortunately, New York is fighting the downside to technology with another technology.

The Textalyzer

New York is working with Cellebrite, a mobile forensics company, to develop the “Textalyzer.” The Textalyzer will aid authorities in determining whether the person in a car accident was texting while driving. Cellebrite’s technology combined with software will not uncover the messages, images and contact numbers on mobile phones, maintaining the driver’s privacy.

Officers will plug a driver’s phone into their laptop. The software will detect the operating system logs and reveal if the driver was typing at the time of the crash. Legislation is still underway to authorize officers to use the Textalyzer.

A Growing Concern

Distracted driving has overtaken drunk driving as a major concern for vehicular accidents. DMV records show that alcohol-related accidents make up 2.9% of overall crashes compared to 19% of distracted driving in New York.

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Whatever the reasons are behind a car crash, injuries are likely to occur, from mild lacerations to severe fractures. Injuries also cause other issues long after the car accident. Lawyers at Marc J. Bern & Partners explain some victims face a lifetime of physical problems, preventing them from earning a living and leaving them with expensive medical bills. With New York’s Textalyzer, personal injury claims in vehicle accidents could gain sufficient proof of distracted driving. A victim’s case might no longer rely on eyewitness accounts of mobile phone use.

Distracted driving is a road accident waiting to happen. If a phone call or a message can wait, let it wait. If not, pull over and then use your mobile phone. Pay attention to the road ahead and you will ensure your safety and those of others.