pet nuptial

Why You Should Get a Pet-Nuptial

Talking Points

pet nuptialIn the face of higher than average divorce rates it’s common practice for many newlyweds to have a prenuptial agreement. This way they can avoid the bitter property struggles that come along with some separation proceedings. But, has anyone ever heard of pet-nuptial agreements? There are the contracts that decide which party retains custody over a pet in the event of a divorce.

The Logic of Love

This isn’t a joke, according to statistics; one in four separation cases involve a dispute over a pet. There are several reasons for why such conflicts occur, and many of them actually make sense. It may sound cheesy, but one of the most often cited reasons is love. If people think about it, they would rank their pets higher in value over any material possession they own.

Considering the time spouses spend fighting over how to divide their belongings, it makes sense that they’d exert the same effort – if not more so – when deciding the custody of their pets. As far as observers such as The Law Office of Miller & Steiert P.C. see it, the only reason why pet-nuptials raise eyebrows is that not many people see it in practice. This is actually very ironic since there are more opportunities to apply pet-nuptials considering couples get pets jointly most of the time.

Golden Pets

Another reason why it’s a good idea for couples to get pet-nuptials before marriage is the financial value of the pets. Dog breeding is a very good example of why some people get extremely protective over the welfare of their pets. A purebred champion can easily reach six figures to the right buyer, and if it’s male, the value of its spermatozoa can get as high as four figures per sample.

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Dog breeding is big business, but it’s not the biggest pet market out there. Horse owners spend a lot of money to feed and house their pets, but a specially trained horse is well worth the investment if it can win races. The fame that comes with owning a champion is an honor that’s hard to match, and something worth fighting for when its custody is in dispute.

Pet-nuptials may sound like a strange contract to include in wedding arrangements, but considering all the factors involved, there’s more than enough good reasons to have it ready.