Denver Divorce LawyersAre you wondering whether it was your fault that your husband now wants a divorce? Many people would immediately tell a woman never to blame herself if the relationship goes south. The problem with this argument is that women are also people who are capable of making mistakes. So yes, there are marriages that end because of the woman and not always the man.

Before you hear from Denver divorce lawyers, think about some of the possible reasons your husband may want to leave you.

1. Making Your Husband Feel Inadequate in Any Way.

It may be natural for women to want something better out of life and to expect their husbands to feel the same way. If your husband is working hard to give you what you want, but you give him a piece of your mind every time he comes home with a paycheck that is, in your eyes, “not enough”, you are pushing him away. Men, like women, can appreciate support but they pull away when their egos are pushed against the wall.

2. Threatening Him with Divorce.

Some wives would actually do this for the shallowest of reasons: he keeps forgetting to flush, he doesn't take care of the baby enough, etc. If there are small problems in your relationship, the kind that you can talk about and solve in time, don't threaten your husband with divorce at every turn. One day, he might just agree.

3. Withholding Sexual Intercourse.

Some women use this to “punish” their husband for whatever reason. Most men naturally need intercourse to feel and express intimacy in their relationship. Women who do this are surprised when they find out their husband is having an affair. It may not be your fault, but withholding sex may actually push your husband to stray.

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Your relationship will not progress if you don't look at yourself first before pointing at your husband for a reason you're both failing at marriage. Know what you could be doing wrong before deflecting the blame.