“Your Child Is Going Through It, Too.” Supporting Your Child throughout the Divorce

The Vision

Parents fighting over child custodyParents who go through a divorce neglect to focus on their sorrow and emotional problems. They don’t realize that they can have a positive and influential effect on their child by being in tune with their exchanges throughout the divorce process. They neglect to see that their child also suffers in silence.

The Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer, child custody lawyers in Albuquerque, share are some of the methods to offer your young one what they require during this crucial time.

1. Love, communicate and listen.

Expect that divorce will have a noteworthy impact on your child, so connect with them to know their feelings and their needs. Remember that every child deals with divorce differently. Take some time to address and assess your young one’s distinct reaction to divorce, without sharing inappropriate details.

2. Be prepared to answer their questions.

Your child will most likely want to understand what divorce will mean for them. Assure them that they will still be loved, protected and safe whatever happens. Be prepared to give them details to ease their worries, and make sure to react to your kids’ need for precise details, questions and emotions.

3. Be more cautious of your words, feelings and thoughts.

Throughout all of this, you’ll experience particular feelings about your ex-spouse and the divorce that isn’t proper to share with your child. Avoid making damaging remarks concerning the other parent. Acknowledge your sense of distress and sadness after you prioritize their needs and respond to their concerns and feelings. In the end, you’ll still need to be their parent, no matter what you’re personally going through.

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Most of all, make an effort to identify your child’s confusion and feelings. You’ll have to continue parenting throughout the divorce and even afterwards. This means that you must make time to speak with them regularly regarding their wishes, fears, concerns and dreams.